Reflection on Autonomous Cars

This unit reaffirmed my belief in the potential of self driving cars. After looking at how many traffic accidents humans cause just because of something as simple as our capability to be distracted I think that self-driving cars are easily the future of road safety. I learned that 81% of accidents are caused by people getting distracted in some way or another. I also learned that around a third of US police funds goes to policing traffic rather than solving more serious crimes. These are things that self-driving cars will fix once they’re ready. Driving is already something that scares me. This hasn’t made me more scared of driving but it definitely didn’t quiet those fears at all either. I hope that self driving cars will be ready and safe soon. I did find the question of self driving cars protecting the driver or other people interesting. Personally I’d rather me be hurt than other people but I fully understand anyone who’d choose themselves over a stranger or even a group of strangers and would like their car to do the same.




This is my blog for my computer ethics class

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Ben Petersen

Ben Petersen

This is my blog for my computer ethics class

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